Change of school to secondary school – tips for parents

A change of school to secondary school is the beginning of a new section for children and parents, because learning and homework now take more time and require a lot of discipline.

Soon it is time again: the time of the big summer holiday has come and then begins a new chapter for the students. Either the transfer in the next class or even a move from primary school to secondary school. This is a big step – both for the children, as well as for parents. Because of the change of school to secondary school means for both sides of a big change. The daily class time is longer, more difficult and the demands of the subject matter takes on greater dimensions.

Also, the time the homework and learning units are avail magnified himself. The children have less free time than before and need more discipline to go around. It also raises the question whether a change of school to secondary school for your child is the best. Remember that the change of school to secondary school is not always the best way for each child. Let us advise you in your decision strictly by the teachers, because they have strengths and weaknesses of your children and can best assist you with your decision.

Change of school to secondary school - tips for parents

They have opted for the high school

The high school is different in the early years not much of a secondary school. In both school sectors have only strengthened once the material learned in grade school and developed further. This is the phase in which it is for the parents also have no problem supporting their children’s learning and homework. It is also the time to identify potential weaknesses of your children and addressing.

Where once tuition was still frowned upon, it helps the children already in the early years to prevent this logical error, and to consolidate the knowledge.

Also make sure that the kids do their homework regularly, always check them for accuracy and also to the cleanliness of the writing. What is practiced in the early years, and later no longer a problem Respond to fears and worries your child before the change of school to secondary school and take them seriously.

From about the eighth grade, the difference between a secondary school or a school change significantly. In the secondary school, children are already prepared for their career choice, by doing more internships and the evidence of job-oriented courses. Finally, here is the school after the 10th Class ended.

In high school, however, makes it even practical, but also laid the emphasis here is more to languages and scientific subjects. A specialization in art, music or sports is possible, in order to study later accordingly.


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