Chaton, now share images with filters like Instagram

One of the more useful free messaging tools as an alternative to WhatsApp is updated. We discussed the implementation Chaton, a creation of the Korean Samsung to stand up to the powerful WhatsApp. However, for now there is more than a powerful alternative, with many great features that the most used social network, but without the required users and followers.

Chaton, now share images with filters like Instagram

Thus, we find the 1.10.3 version for the Android platform. And, among its new features, the most prominent: the filters to images. Thus, when we want to share with other contacts a photograph or image, we can apply a filter to change its look and tone. We just have to share from the lower left button and choose an image from the gallery. Automatically pass to the editing screen to create a new frame and choose from 16 different filters. After that, one can only send.

It has also increased the number of seals and wallpapers that you can download and use. The first can be placed in different conversations or chats to customize these screens, while the seals are for the creations that can be shared in image form, having at our disposal many forms of different colors for messages. All these issues are available from the menu downloads which is in the settings.

But not only the appearance visual has been improved. Also improved the tab My page, where we have a kind of blog intended to publish any information about us, which can be annotated by other users who want to offer their opinion. But there are new sounds for the alerts. So, again from the tab settings, find the possibility to choose the melody we want to know that we speak through this application.

Finally, we find improvements on par curious helpful, but do not seem so important in the update. One is to enlarge the letters of a message. Something that can be done from the settings, but this improvement requires only write the # (pound) before the message you want to view in large size. Furthermore, an improvement has been devoted to paragraph of animations, now allows for multiple scarga a more comfortable for the use thereof.

In short, we have a version that adds nothing substantially new (except for image filters), but that it increases the chances of the features that we already had. So now we have much more money, stamps, animations and icons to create conversations much more dynamic and colorful. Best of all is that chaton remains free for all platforms. So, we can get this version 1.10.3 for Android without paying a single euro through Google Play. It is hoped that these developments also come soon to iPhone.


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