Check the temperature of your equipment with this free application

analyze our devices and show us the current status of them in the initial screen, as we can see in the screenshot

One of the main reasons why our hardware can be damaged is by an increase in the temperature of the same, either by a malfunction of this, by a failure in the fan or a failure in the cooling system, a situation that can cause irreparable damage and the consequent need to replace this device.

Knowing the temperature of our devices in a simple and fast way is not something that all users know how to do or see, but having control of this data can help us prevent major problems and also detect points of failure, so today let’s know a tool with which we can do it without major problem.

To do this, we will use SpeedFan , a free software, valid for the latest versions of Windows, very simple to use and which will offer us information about the temperature of our devices in just a few seconds , without having to do anything and very practical way

As soon as we install the application and execute it, SpeedFan will analyze our devices and show us the current status of them in the initial screen, as we can see in the screenshot.

But in addition, it will provide us with information such as the use of the CPU differentiated by cores, or it will even tell us if the temperature of the device in question is below the expected, at the expected point or above it , so that we do not have to think what temperature would be optimal.

As we can see in the capture, in our case we have 2 hard drives and 4 cores working, one of them is at the expected temperature while the rest are below it, so the result is optimal and expected, There is no heating and everything is working without problems.

Therefore, if you are interested in measuring the temperature of your hardware and detect possible cooling problems , you know that in just a few insurance you can achieve it without major concern.


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