Chicken breast with sherry light sauce

The chicken breast, provided it is very lean and skinless, can be a great choice when choosing a meat diet. But it also has one disadvantage: grilled steak abuse may bore grilled to exhaustion. The good news is that this can be reversed easily. Just create a sauce that does not add many calories and a method of cooking also. This chicken recipe with sherry meets those conditions.

150 grams of breast chicken without skin or fat
A clove of garlic
Three tablespoons soy sauce
Three tablespoons of sherry
One tablespoon of sesame oil (can be replaced by another)
A spoonful of ginger grated
Salt and pepper

To prepare these great chicken breasts, you have to do no more than putting fillets in a container. Chop the garlic fine, grate the ginger and mix with soy sauce, sherry and sesame oil. While not excluding the latter, it will give the chicken a delicious flavor all its own. Well, once you have the list marinade, place it over the chicken and take everything in the refrigerator for two to three hours.
Chicken breast with sherry light sauce
Now, you can simply dump the mixture into a baking dish and cook until the breasts are cooked. You can also do the same, but the pan, sealing previously breasts and then adding the marinade, allowing it to form a rich sauce. As you saw, a great light but tasty option not to eat the chicken always in the same way. Ah! Do not forget to accompany a good light salad or mashed squash.


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