Chinese food menu for weight loss

If you are a lover of Chinese food, this can help you lose weight. Chinese food is mainly based on the consumption of vegetables, legumes, whole grains and lean meats, meaning that supplies nutrients and organic compounds that promote fat mobilization and thus weight loss. So this time we broufht a menu of Chinese food low in calories.

how lose weight with chinese food

The Chinese diet for foods that includes a diet that can help you lose weight in a healthy way. The selection of such foods and menu development are based on traditional Chinese medicine, in which you consider man as an integral being, and whose goal is to achieve internal harmony.


  • Option 1: Liquid skimmed milk and carrots. 2 slices of bread with cheese seeds with 0% fat milkshake.
  • Option 2: apple and banana smoothie. 2 rice cakes.
  • Option 3: nonfat yogurt with oats and wheat germ. 1 glass of orange juice.
  • Option 4: 1 glass of soy milk. 1 cup fruit salad. 1 slice of bread with fresh fruit seeds light.
  • Option 5: Smoothie peaches and strawberries. 2 rice cakes with whipped cream cheese 0% fat.
  • Option 6: 1 glass of soy milk. 1 fresh fruit. 2 oatmeal cookies.
  • Option 7: nonfat yogurt with chia seeds and sesame. 2 slices of bread with soft light.


  • Option 1: 1 cup fish stock. Wok vegetables with fish. 1 fresh fruit.
  • Option 2: 1 cup defatted chicken broth. Steamed vegetables with grilled chicken. 1 fresh fruit.
  • Option 3: 1 cup vegetable broth. Grilled fish with steamed asparagus and cauliflower. 1 fresh fruit.
  • Option 4: 1 cup fish stock. Chicken with brown rice jumped spring. 1 fruit.
  • Option 5: 1 cup defatted chicken broth. Fish with lentils and soybeans to the wok. 1 fresh fruit.
  • Option 6: 1 cup fish stock. Rice noodles with vegetables to wok. 1 fresh fruit.
  • Option 7: 1 cup vegetable broth. Timbale of rice with steamed vegetables. 1 fresh fruit.

Options for Morning/Afternoon

  • Option 1: 1 handful of almonds.
  • Option 2: 1 fruit.
  • Option 3: carrots and celery sticks.
  • Option 4: 1 glass of soy milk.
  • Option 5: 2 rice cakes
  • Option 6: 1 handful of seedless raisins.
  • Option 7: 1 yogurt.

Alongside these options you can include between 2 to 3 cups of green tea or red tea. These infusions will help to mobilize fat faster, plus they provide antioxidants that promote cardiovascular health.


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