The choice between ice and hot water bottle

Heat and cold can be helpful in some circumstances, but it is not always so easy to distinguish situations in which an ice pack or a hot water bottle can help. Our grandmothers knew that using a hot water bottle or ice could be an effective solution to treat certain disorders, such as minor injuries, bleeding, irritation, but also in cold to warm up.

The cold is able to reduce the perception of pain but is also useful in other circumstances. For example, with minor injuries such as bleeding or read of the loss of blood from the nose; placing the bag of ice on his forehead, in fact, steps can be taken immediately.

The ice can give relief even in cases where there is skin irritation due to contact with plants or stinging insect bites. The cold, in fact, in this case is able to counteract the inflammatory phenomenon and prevents swelling and redness.

The cold is able to reduce the perception of pain but is also useful in other circumstances

The ice bag can also be used in the event of a sunstroke due to immoderate exposure to UV radiation: in this case, the main objective will be to lower the temperature below 38 degrees. Even in the case of high fever you can operate in the same way.

Turning to cases where it is necessary to intervene with the heat the hot water bottle is able to heat with its heat throughout the body, thus also the pleasant feelings. The heat, however, can be used as a painkiller for chronic musculoskeletal inflammation – for example, for arthritis – as well as improving circulation.

The hot water bottle looks perfect to warm up the people who suffer from cold in certain areas of the body such as hands and feet. But that’s not all because the heat can also be exploited by those suffering from abdominal pain due to colic or menstrual pain, or even to fight contractures and muscle aches.

A case in which the action is necessary to combine the two is with the flu: in fact, with slight fever and accompanied by intense cold will be used at the hot water bottle, while high temperatures will be used to boule of ice, useful to bring down the body temperature.

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