Cholesterol-free chocolate ice cream and mint

A cold is perhaps one of the most tempting desserts or candy for anyone. But these often conspire against those who have high cholesterol because they are made with cream and other products unfit for high cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia. That is why this recipe might be what you need: a chocolate and mint ice cream suitable for those who want to stay healthy, all-vegetable ingredients.
Cholesterol-free chocolate ice cream and mint
50 grams of dark chocolate without milk quality
A small bunch of fresh mint
A glass of milk plant
A glass of soy cream or coconut milk
Permitted sweetener to taste

Beat the milk plant and mint in a blender until it is dissolved. Add the sweetener to your taste and also incorporates soy cream or coconut milk. It uses a very solid, well when refrigerated assumes the consistency of ice cream. Melt chocolate in double boiler and add to the preparation.

This leads to the freezer and mint chocolate ice cream without cholesterol. If necessary, stir every so slightly if the preparation is crystallized. Once you are ready, you will not only enjoy this delicious dessert, perfectly healthy and perfectly suitable for cholesterol, since it has no fat at all detrimental to the body.


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