Christmas celebrations and productivity

Christmas is a time of celebration and dinners, where it tends to iron out differences that have arisen throughout the year with these events. If one is self-employed, you might think that these events are avoided, but often otherwise, multiply, occurs just noticeably affecting the productivity of self.

Because in many cases are the clients themselves with whom we have a closer relationship which encourage us to share with them a meal, a drink after a meeting, etc. What’s worse is that many times you can not say no , and you are forced to exercise public relations, even unintentionally.

video conferencing or similar to communicate with customers

While in these celebrations we are coming to the mobile notifications, pending issues that we demand our attention and we know that when you arrive home safely has not completed our journey and we have to keep working.

So at this time, if we can avoid it we have to run meetings and focus more on being executives, i.e. bawling work we have pending, avoiding whenever we can this kind of commitment, whether used communication tools such as email, video conferencing or similar to communicate with customers.

Otherwise, if you work at home or you are a freelancer, you may end up closing pending issues on Christmas Day. The aim is that the time we have available so we can harness effectively.


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