3 Christmas gifts to make with children

Who has not ever dreamed to become that magical being that is Santa Claus and prepare in the arctic million toys, supported by a troop of dwarfs laughing and workers? Well, we turn your dream into reality. No need to travel to distant lands and frost, avoid dizziness which could cause you a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer and give you the great news that the troops of dwarfs, and have in your house.

Put to work with your small-forgiveness, Christmas elves-with these ideas of Christmas gifts to make with children

Put to work with your small-forgiveness, Christmas elves-with these ideas of Christmas gifts to make with children.

1. Bookmarks for books

It goes without saying that giving and receiving gifts of Christmas is something that any of these lands be longs and enjoy. But it is well known that the global economy, with its ups and downs, you can put a stop to this practice. Therefore, it can be a relief to your little make these gifts, not only because they are entertaining, but also because it is important to teach that gifts made by your own hands, effort and love have the same value or more than store-bought.

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Never comes over a bookmark for books, those silent indicators that point to the last page you read an exciting novel or intriguing story. They are easy to make with items you probably have in your home and your children may dump all their creativity.

They can put the most popular phrases that says the person it is addressed, a phrase that your children think is special to the person concerned; same photos that your children take out the digital camera and then printed and pasted.

It’s all about letting your children’s imagination do the work.

2. Papers happy ideas

What if Santa and your little elves regale guests happy notebooks of ideas? The proposal is simple. Get low-cost notebooks 24 pages in black and begins to gather all kinds of roles, including fabrics, can be wrapping paper, magazine paper, newsprint, scraps of fabric until you no longer use.

Tell your cut small rectangles of different sizes and then paste them, as they most want by composing on the covers of notebooks. This technique is called patchwork, sure know her.

When these notebooks deliver warn them that guests are happy just to write ideas, desires and dreams to realize. Bad thoughts will be deleted automatically from their leaves, as the magic of Christmas all you can.

3. Refrigerator magnets

In craft stores sell small pieces of wood with lots of reasons. Buy some and your kids decorate them with paint, glitter, ribbons, which serve to give a personal touch, and then turn them into magnets for refrigerator, placing them a magnet sticker.

Encourage your little saying that every time the person receiving open your fridge and think about them in the magic of your gift.

Christmas is a time of peace and love, a time of reunion and honor the traditions. In the words of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “what matters is not how much we give, but how much love we put when we give.”

Share some ideas of gifts you’ve done with your Christmas elves somewhere.


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