Chrome for android: a wish almost come true

One of the most important absences in Android is Google Chrome. For many of us it is incomprehensible that this great browser has not yet reached the popular mobile operating system of the Mountain View firm. But this ‘problem’ could be solved soon.

While Californian company did not mention anything about, the Chromium web site appeared in the code for the Android version of the browser. This means that, after much waiting, we find something tangible from which sustain us, and so far there were many rumors but no solid proof of the development of the browser.

Must likewise take the news with restraint and who do not know official details about Chrome for Android. One possibility that has been driving long version is that the mobile operating system is practically equal to that of computers, with minor modifications to adapt it to smartphones and tablets.

Now that we have certainty about the development of the browser it only remains to wait for its release. Among the strongest rumors is the possibility it gets included by default in Ice Cream Sandwich, the new edition of Android. If true we might see the Google browser in Nexus Prime, a device that would be presented by Samsung on Tuesday 11.

It is best to wait and see what happens. We can already imagine that Chrome for Android is a success, but beyond any notion that we are obliged to be patient until it reaches the day of presentation. If we have any relevant news we will keep you informed.


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