How to clean the bathroom and keep it clean

The bath house requires some more attention than the other rooms to be always clean. Any advice on how to clean and how to keep the fast clean bathroom.

A thorough cleansing of the day cleaning and small everyday devices help keep your bathroom clean.

If the other rooms you can “make do” even at the last, before an unannounced visit, putting a little order, the bathroom immediately signals if its cleanliness was recent or old. For a good care of the house and always welcome guests with peace of mind, here is some practical advice for cleaning the bathroom and how to keep it clean.

bath house requires some more attention than the other rooms to be always clean

Before you start: collect all objects such as gloves, sponges, mops and detergents etc.

Glasses full of pencils and brushes for make-up, jars of bath beads and scented candles make bathing cute and cozy, but they are a formidable dust receptacle. So before you start cleaning, remove all objects from the shelves, sprinkle and temporarily move them to another room. Organise everything in drawers and cabinets may be a good solution, just decorative but very practical, to have always free shelves and little dust.

The floors should be washed at the end and only after having been vacuumed

Floors and walls

To work up, to do them during the spring cleaning, you can use an appliance “type 100 degrees” for good to pass the walls and floors, in everyday life instead you can spend the walls with the anti-scale, especially those of a shower or adjacent to the tank, helping you with sponges and rags. Before washing the floors, beat the bath mats, take them off along with any other objects on the ground, such as trash and the balance, and pass the ‘ vacuum cleaner.

It is essential that this is one of the first steps, otherwise you risk that it splash water falling on the floor while you clean kneading with dust and hair, making cleaning the floor more difficult. Therefore please restroom cleaning and only at the end wash the floor with a specific product diluted in water. Here you can find helpful tips to make detergents do-it-yourself suitable for household cleaning.

Cleansing creams and tricks

Cleaning of health can also help you with a spray disinfectant

Cleaning the sink, tub, shower and toilet you can proceed in three steps. First you pass a cleansing cream adapts to these types of surfaces, then you can proceed with the lime scale on taps and plugs, and then finish with a splash of disinfectant product over the surface to eliminate germs and bacteria.

To keep the water clean well at night before going to sleep you can pour a bit of bleach and let it work through the night, in the morning on the bottom there will be no scaling. If you want an ecological alternative, you can use baking soda.

Clean the mirror only at the end to prevent water splashes ruin your work right away. A little trick always against water splashes can wash the bathroom with the foot only socks. If you leave slippers or shoes at the entrance of the bathroom and put it back immediately to avoid carrying around for the house, maybe on floors freshly washed, wet footprints.

Bathroom Cleaning

A quick pass with a microfiber cloth can be a good help to keep the bathroom clean

If for reasons of hygiene often goes naturally clean, it is also impossible to repeat these steps each day. But unfortunately the bathroom is very easily dirty, maybe just a few hours after cleaning, as a result of the whole family showers. With a few tips you can keep it clean longer.

For example with a quick pass with a micro-fibre cloth or wiping surfaces after using them. Also dry the hair in the bathroom can contribute to the disorder, with hair falling on the ground, it just picks up right after. The same applies to the shower drain, which must be kept free from hair and debris.


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