Cleaning the home with Natural products without chemicals

Living in a time when “going green” with green cleaning is something that everyone is interested and concerned, and get rid of all those harmful chemicals you use in everyday life is a must, you may be familiar with some of the best natural substitutes for a safe and efficient cleaning of your home. Let’s see how to perform the task of cleaning the home without chemicals.

Cleaning the home without chemicals included products

Reasons to stop cleaning with chemicals

It is proven that using cleaning the home with chemicals can be harmful to the health of the youngest members of your family. Their immune systems are not yet very strong and allergic reactions may occur frequently.

Unfortunately, those consequences can last quite long. That’s why every modern mother and homemaker is often faced with the dilemma of choosing between a better cleaning or to have less allergens in the home. But really no need to choose between the lesser of two evils, simply clean your home with natural products.

Natural products to clean the house: Natural Soap

You can replace most cleaning substances today as lye soap. To this end, finely grind and mix the soap with water. Use this solution instead of the products of cleaning floors for example.

Natural products to clean the house: Lemon juice

The lemon juice is an acid that functions splendidly both to dissolve oil and grease, so as to remove any odor. All it takes to pour a small amount over the soiled surface and leave it there for half an hour, then clean with a damp cloth or spray with a little salt. Do not think that this is the only application of lemon juice as a cleaning. If you mix it with olive oil in the following proportions: 1 part lemon juice mixed with 2 parts olive oil, you’ll have a quality product to polish wood furniture. Also a mixture of lemon juice and salt is a great product for removing stains.

Natural products to clean the house: Sodium Bicarbonate

When you want to clean the oven, trays and other dirty and stuck with burnt food, you can prepare a paste of baking soda mixed with just half a cup of it with a little water, and stir until it becomes creamy. Sodium bicarbonate is one of the most effective cleaning products and useful for multiple applications. To name a few, removes oils and smells clean burned pots and pans, and can be used to unclog clogged pipes at home.

Baking soda is great for absorbing odors. To prevent odors in the refrigerator, simply place in a container with baking soda.

Natural products to clean the house: Vinegar

Vinegar is very good to remove tartar, mold, stains on the windows, metal and other smooth surfaces and make them shine. It is one of the 10 essential cleaning products.

Natural products to clean the house: Oils

They can be the perfect substitute for those fresheners full of harmful chemicals, and also enjoy the healing properties of these essential oils. Eucalyptus oil can be used for example to deal with the bugs in your home. It is also a good antibacterial. You can pour some in a spray bottle with hot water, and use it to clean and disinfect the bathroom.


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