Cleaning Tips Common Among Housewives

Sometimes we use the recommendations made by professionals in the cleaning sector as a reference for undertaking household tasks. But who have more experience than people who deal with housecleaning every day? Indeed, all housewives and their male counterparts, fortunately more and more, have tricks that we can apply in our cleaning routine to improve efficiency.
Cleaning the home without chemicals included products
For example, food processors, blenders type, graters or food processors , are often particularly difficult to clean. The problem is the food remains that are attached to the blades. If you previously anoint these with oil you will get them loose more easily.

The coffee is one of the most frequently used items. In this case, the problem is usually the inlays produced by the coffee itself and the lime from the water. To extend the life of our coffee maker it is best to run it from time to time only with water and a few drops of vinegar.

The oven is another difficult treating apparatus. Stains often occur when liquids that are stuck due to heat fall. Just use it, pour a few baking powder or salt and leave until cool. Then you just have to remove it with a damp cloth and the stains will disappear.

Finally, we cannot forget such an essential appliance such as the refrigerator. Here the greatest care is to prevent the spread of bacteria, for which it is very useful to clean frequently with a little water and bicarbonate.


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