Coaster craft or Handmade coasters

These coasters at first glance seem logs or tree trunks, but are not. To make it need fabric felt dark brown, light brown, tan, fabric glue, and scissors.

Coaster craft or Handmade coasters

To make coasters of 14 cm in diameter, you need tape 40 cm long and 2.5 wide, 14 strips of toast felt, 12 light brown and 5 dark brown.

Strips should wrap to make a circle that is either compact and firm so that it does not disarm, it begins with the toasted color, becomes glue for fabrics at the end of the Strip and starts to roll, every bit gets more glue.

When you have a bandwidth of about 1.5 cm, cut the Ribbon, sticks well and begins with another and so to obtain a circle of the measure that you want to.

Finally there is 2 or 3 rounds with dark brown strips, it must be well glued and at levels that do not protrude outside the Strip.


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