When the prince saves the princess Zelda Link

the parents decided to change games such as Donkey Kong and Zelda to allow the player to play as the princess Zelda or Pauline in Donkey Kong to save Link or Jumpman

For several months in the United States the problems of sexism in video games are becoming more vocal. Among the latest examples, video Anita Sarkeesian on the place of women in video games, often confined than the damsel in distress.… Continue Reading

Radiant Defense: the best Android tower defense Game

Radiant Defense td tower defense best Android Game

Radiant Defense can be considered as one of the most confusion and colorful android tower defense game, with an adventure set in a universe populated by alien hordes invading your defenses. Your task, as in all tower defense, will be… Continue Reading

Risks of Free Online Games Playing in Multiplayer mode

With role playing, multiplayer games are becoming one of the most popular types of games. This type of game allows players to play or compete with the computer or with other players. To be able to compete with the computer,… Continue Reading