Huron River-based Entertainment Notebook MSI CX480

A new portable multimedia platform powered by Intel’s Sandy Bridge has been launched by MSI . This latest mobile PC Huron River is known as the MSI CX480 and comes in 3 color options – black, white and blue with… Continue Reading

Samsung creates tablets with folding screen to book

There is a constant debate between that screen format is better for a tablet or mobile. Some think that bigger is better, because you can do more things and see everything with more quality, and others that the smaller the… Continue Reading

Google I/O: Chromebook announced, available from June 15

The Google Chromebook has become a reality. The CR-48 notebook with Google Chrome OS was announced in December 2010, but the version for mass production, called simply Chromebook, has been revealed only to the Google I / O 2011. The… Continue Reading

Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet Q550 available for pre-order

Fujitsu has launched its new Tablet PC platform based on Intel’s Oak Trail, the Fujitsu Stylistic Q550 . This gadget has appeared on the list of offers to store pre-order and shipments will begin in June. The Fujitsu Stylistic tablet… Continue Reading