Confinement and vitamin D: importance and sources

The vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, that is, it can be dissolved in oils and fats. We can get it in two ways: through some foods and sun exposure. In fact, the sun is our main source of vitamin D.

When the sun’s rays hit our skin, a reaction begins that uses cholesterol from our skin to create an inactive version of vitamin D. This inactive version reaches the liver where it is activated. This active form is the most abundant in our blood system. But, the story does not end here. In the kidney, vitamin D gets its most powerful and active form.

An important micronutrient that can be obtained through some foods and that is synthesized through sun exposure.

Sources of vitamin D

Vitamin D is present in various foods naturally, but the one that contains the most significant values ??is blue fish (fatty). Soy and shiitake mushrooms are a good source of vitamin D, too.

Today we find a variety of products enriched with vitamin D, as well as cereals or dairy products. In these cases it is important to attend to the quality of the product before letting ourselves be carried away by the claim of “high content of vitamin D“.

Sun exposure is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D through the skin. Therefore, long periods without natural light; as it happens in certain countries for several months, or at times when we must stay at home without sunlight, its production is impossible.

Importance of natural sunlight

Vitamin D is necessary for good bone health. It is crucial for strong bones and healthy teeth, as it is vital for calcium absorption. It also plays an important role in the immune system, therefore, maintaining correct blood levels is essential.

Tips for maintaining correct levels

To ensure correct levels of this vitamin, experts recommend that in winter times we expose ourselves for at least 30 minutes to natural light. Just opening the window and letting the natural rays of the sun come into contact with some area of ??our skin is enough.

In summer, on the contrary, the sun’s rays are stronger and with a daily exposure of about 15 minutes would suffice. As we have mentioned, the impact that lightning has on us is more intense in summer, so it is important that, at that time, especially, we make sure we have good sun protection throughout the day.

There are situations in which it is possible that we do not have that sun exposure , either because as we mentioned we live in certain countries or because we spend time without natural light (a house that does not give the window to the outside) for a long period. In these cases oral vitamin supplementation is interesting. For this, it is necessary to contact your family doctor.


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