Contact lens care and maintenance products

The contact lens care and cleaning is very important, as this can occur including corneal inflammation. To avoid damage to the lenses and in particular to avoid the eyes, your lenses should be cleaned professionally. Warns the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices for example, that inadequate cleaning of the lenses may lead to corneal inflammation.

For a professional guide for cleaning the lenses you read the package insert and ask your eye doctor instruct in the subject. Here are some basic tips for contact lens care.

Wash hands, do not forget!

Wash your hands thoroughly before you take the lenses from the eye. You should not use a moisturizing emulsion for washing hands, otherwise harmful emulsion residues could be transferred to the lenses. Dry your hands thoroughly.

Contact lens care and maintenance products
Now take only a first contact lens from the eye and clean it with the appropriate cleaning solution. To remove such as grease and make-up remains of the lenses. Now rinse the cleaning solution on the lenses again and observe the directions in the leaflet on the subject. Generally you should never rinse the lenses with tap water.


The next step is to disinfect the lenses now. To do this, place the lentils in their contact lens case and place it in the eyes of the doctor recommended disinfecting solution. By disinfection germs and bacteria, which are deposited on the contact lens, killed. Now repeat the steps above for the second contact lens.

Special Care

Apart from the above steps for contact lens cleaning, it is also necessary to deal with from time to time the contact lenses with a lens solution or tablets for protein removal. As a rough guide here, the period of weekly maintenance to be seen. For more information, talk to your eye doctor, who recommends you for your lenses for the best cleaning solution and can tell you how often you should apply them. If you do not treat your lenses regularly with such a solution, they can accumulate on the lens proteins that lead to the fact that the lens is impermeable to oxygen and thus reduces the wearing comfort considerably.

If you don’t wear contact lenses they should be stored in a appropriate storage solution.

Note on the described contact lens care: Nowadays there are some types of lenses so-called multi-function solutions for cleaning. May be dispensed with the solutions for some contact lenses on the more expensive cleaning.

For more basic tips for contact lens care:

1. Never use tap water for cleaning, because the water can contain germs. These can cause eye infections.

2. Use matched only by your contact lens solutions. Ask your doctor or pharmacist and read the package insert. The cleaning solutions should be treated as sterile as possible. Touch in any case, the openings of the solution bottle.

3. Do not just clean your lenses, but also the accessories such as the storage box.

4. Replace the storage box and other accessories made regularly, in order to prevent infection.

5. If you are unsure in cleaning and care of contact lenses, please feel to contact your eye doctor. He can certainly help and advice.

6. If you want contact lenses to take a trip, make sure you take along plenty of detergent. Cleaning solutions and other accessories, that can be difficult to obtain on vacation.

Subsequent wetting of contact lenses

To increase comfort, while the lens is in the eye, there are special drops, which can be dropped into the eye. This process is then described as subsequent wetting of contact lenses. Also included some cleaning solutions already subsequent wetting agents.

If you use eye drops while you wear contact lenses, you should consult first with your eye doctor about the drops. Most of the proposed eye drops are not suitable for contact lens wearers.


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