Contact lenses for dry eyes

Look for contact lenses for dry eyes to a low water content of the lenses, the oxygen permeability and be inspired by a doctor or optician advised individually.

Many people who suffer from dry eyes. Whether in the office, in sports or in private life, dry eyes uncomfortable and annoying. The problem comes when you are wearing contact lenses as well. It has always a foreign body sensation in the eye and is trying to rub that when wearing contact lenses but not recommended. It becomes worse and in addition there is a risk at the end to really rub a foreign body in the eye.

Contact lenses for dry eyes

The problem with dry eyes and wearing contact lenses is to find the suitable for contact lens for dry eyes. Sometimes it takes numerous attempts, and samples of some of wearing lenses, until one finally has the right thing. Meanwhile, there are many contact lens providers that advertise with contact lenses for dry eyes. You can choose between daily, weekly, monthly or annual lenses. The benefit of daily contact lenses is clear that the cleaning and saves them in the evening can just throw away. The producers throw terms like silicone hydrogel on the market and users are now deciding what is best for her eye.

Pay attention to the oxygen permeability

You must remember that if you wear a contact lens, the cornea can not be properly supplied with oxygen. For some contact lens wearers, it is so pleasant to take out the lens for some time to “breathe” to let the eye. The higher the dielectric constant of the contact lens, the higher the oxygen permeability.

Perhaps you have already noticed that visual acuity decreases after prolonged wearing of contact lens and see only a blur. The eye becomes dry, burning, drank and feels uncomfortable. This can help special rewetting drops for contact lens wearers.

Especially in the office when working on the computer, but even in rooms with air conditioning, heating or inadequate ventilation, the eye is quick to dry and irritated. Drops as often as you want, so your eye will continue to feel comfortable. Seek advice from an optician regarding contact lenses for dry eyes.

The higher the water content, the worse the lens for dry eyes

Actually, one would think that a higher water content contact lenses for dry eyes at an advantage. Unfortunately, this is a mistake to succumb to the many contact lens wearers. It is therefore important to seek advice about contact lenses for dry eyes and not to order any contact lenses on the Internet.

A contact lens with high water content requires more water than lenses with lower water content. This means that these lenses anyway to avoid dry eye additional liquid, which makes it even drier. Go to an ophthalmologist or optometrist and to have your eyes and see if it is ever advisable for you to wear contact lenses. Unfortunately, some people have such acute problems when worn, they must again resort to glasses.


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