Controversy Over Security: Microsoft Reveals the Location of Millions of Users Around the World

Again, the repetitive debate and controversy about the privacy of users, again walking around the world and echoes in several specific points that must be addressed. According to the position of several customers, we must respect and protect the privacy of those using a particular service and ensure that it can cost a company dearly that does not comply with privacy policies. Today is the turn of Microsoft, which apparently made public on the Web millions of locations of cell phones and computers around the world.

Controversy Over Security Microsoft Reveals the Location of Millions of Users Around the World

According to a publication by Cnet, the firm makes pure world publicly known the exact location of thousands of devices around the world, through the Live page and not even ask any security password or has any restriction to regulate this system. The precision with which the web can locate any device is truly amazing. And no minor detail disgust that users have with the company, as even the accuracy of this platform allows to know the location of the building which is such a device or apparatus.

The specialist and researcher at Stanford, Elie Burstein, soon discovered the access to information from the data that are being found on the website. According to Burstein, on the site are known devices that use Windows Phone 7. Microsoft did not mention whether users are affected by this controversy may delete your geolocation of the page or if those who use Wi-Fi network are also impaired or simply appear on the site.


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