Cookies and oatmeal carrot recipe against cholesterol

Eating cookies is always delicious and everyone has them in mind for breakfast or any time of day when hungry. Options are many, but not all good ingredients that are contemplated to combat cholesterol. Well you can try with this mixture, which is in the oats and carrots as key members. Maybe you like it other than anything else, try them now. They are easy and very tasty. Here’s the recipe.

Cookies and oatmeal carrot recipe against cholesterol

Two cups of oats
One cup of carrots, grated
Half cup of milk plant
Half cup of oil
Half a cup of nuts (almonds, raisins, nuts, etc.)
A quarter cup of flour
A Spoonful of Ginger
One cup of sugar
Pinch of salt

Place the cup shredded carrots with vegetable milk in the bowl of a blender and process until blended. Subsequently add sugar (much better if you use any comprehensive or unrefined) and oil. Meanwhile, in bowl combine flour, oats, chopped nuts, ginger and salt. Board and unites both mixtures until you have left a mass fit for making cookies, and let stand 15 minutes before. If after that time had not absorbed the excess moisture, add a little more flour or other thickener element.

Now, you can simply heat the oven to 180 degrees and place a spoonful of this mixture in a source previously sprayed with vegetable spray. Cook until golden brown and ready, this will take no more than 20 minutes, probably. So perfect and have some cookies and delicious to enjoy anytime.


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