Coping with nerves and stress during your wedding preparations

Overwhelmed by wedding preparations, expenses and family interventions future spouses may have reactions of hostility, indifference and escape. Their relationship can enter into crisis because of the so-called pre-wedding stress . As the days go by and that date gets ever closer, the future spouses has mixed feelings: an intense mix of excitement, enthusiasm and euphoria with stress, doubt and anxiety. She may feel overwhelmed by the concern that preparations are going well and everything goes as planned the “big day”. It, in turn, can rise to the uncertainty and even panic over the future big step that will change your life.

Coping with nerves and stress during your wedding preparations

Sometimes couples get married next to go through this situation: when the date for the wedding, forget how romantic the commitment and engagement, and the relationship enters a period of crisis driven by the stress of preparation. All this energy, together with costs and, in general, a new life together will begin to rise an atmosphere of tension and stress. Planning a wedding is not easy. The vast majority of the couple is concerned during the previous months to get that day is unforgettable.

Tips to reduce stress:

The couple have to ask for help and delegate some of the work: it is not that cover everything alone. There are probably people around who are willing to lend a hand and just being asked.

They can, and if your budget allows, hire a professional who specializes in organizing weddings.

Try to see the organization of the wedding as something positive, thinking that things will work out and avoid continuing complaints about the difficulties that arise.

Communicate openly and calmly problems that arise, which will avoid unnecessary arguments with family and friends.

Make a good planning of various activities to avoid nerves and last-minute rush, and practice relaxation techniques to help defuse tension and to see things in perspective, may also be helpful in relieving stress pre-nuptial.

A bath with warm water before sleep walk away tension scary dream. If you are using a mineral salts or aromatherapy soap recommend eucalyptus, bergamot and sandalwood.

The relaxation that deep breathing easier is great. Sit on your bed and crosses her legs in flower lotus. Close your eyes, deep breath and deep, exhale slowly. Spend a few minutes to breathe deeply and watch you sleep without any problems.


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