Correct posture to release back pain

With this method but active relaxation of smooth muscles can reduce the symptoms of back pain, arthritis, rheumatism, contractures and migraines. It is obtained by performing a series of special postures with the help of a physiotherapist, contractures recurrent headaches, cramps or numbness of the members may have their origin in a bad posture.

Correct posture to release back pain

It is a method of gradual and progressive relaxation of muscles with activity of the patient. This therapy is developed by performing different positions, always with the help of a specialist in kinesiology, which is muscle stretch with all strings that make up the human body, this technique goes to the root of the problems, not solve only timely and segmental pain.

It is ideal for treating disorders of posture and scoliosis and diseases affecting the muscles and joints, and neck pain.

First you must make a diagnosis to assess whether the origin of the pain is bad posture or not, the specialist noted in the patient how to stand, sit, the position of the feet, knees, shoulders and alignment of the spine.

This way you can determine what is in the right place and what is not, what muscles are retracted and which not. Then select the positions begin to correct the problem, there are eight different. The patient is doing and the thus flexible body is achieved.

The realization of the positions defined from the muscle chains in each person affected. This treatment can be applied to patients of all ages, in children as well as older adults, and requires large patient participation, is an active method, in which the patient has to work.

As this therapy can also be applied to children of eight years, it can be used preventively, because if a problem is evident you start working as soon as possible to prevent further problems in the future.

If treatment begins young posture correction where discharges are modified weight wrong, you can prevent wear of the cartilage of the knee and thus prevent future osteoarthritis in that joint.

The benefit of this therapy is that it can maintain the flexibility of the body, has some contraindications: Not recommended for heart patients because it is an exercise of power.

The essence of this technique is to find the specific cause of the pain and then work on it promptly, is achieved with a whole-body work, because if work is performed only locally, not correcting all components, the patient returns to injury and pain continues.


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