Cosmetic Surgery for Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging

The neck lift you are looking to restore firmness and tone the face losses over time and the effects of gravity. This operation acts on the skin and musculature of the area through increasingly smaller incisions and less invasive.

The neck lift is also called platysmaplasty, the procedure suspends the loose edges of the platysma muscle to attach to the tissues more resistant greatly improves the contour of the neck and jaw.

Neck lift to remove wrinkles and sagging

This intervention involves a triple surgery comprising: double chin liposuction, neck lift and platysmaplasty. Often performed in conjunction with a facelift when it also need to tweak the contours of the face to remove excess tissue that hangs from poor skin elasticity.

The incisions used today for the neck lift is usually done on the lobe or behind the ear. It should only be making a cut under the chin in the cases of people needing to remove wrinkles in this area.

The recovery of neck lift is quite tolerable and only lasts a few days, the discomfort is controlled easily with simple analgesics. The normal swelling and bruising of the intervention product disappear after about 2 to 4 weeks, while minimizing the incisions that need completely a year.

It is necessary that during the first month after surgery using a band compression to the neck and chin in order to model the new contours during the healing period.


Complications of neck lift

Immediate complications: In any operation there are possible complications while many are not serious, should not be overlooked.

Infection occurs when the area of the incision is red and elevated temperature. This problem is controlled with antibiotics and in more severe cases it need to be drained.

Bleeding: bleeding can occurs after the neck lift a hematoma when there is too large to remove it because it can lead to complications in healing.

Delayed healing: in addition to the above complications it may also result from poor blood circulation. This problem is common in smokers, so it is recommended not to smoke at least two weeks before surgery.


Late complications

Scars wide and unsightly: they are common in dark skinned people as in those with keloid scarring, are improved with aesthetic touches.

Darkening or redness of the skin: these variations of color can succeed by scarring and sun exposure early.

Loss of sensitivity: if you have a tendency to this problem is likely to lose feeling in the area where the incisions.


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