Tips to choose the most suitable serum for your skin

Tips to choose the most suitable serum for your skin
The serúm is a product that has become essential in the need of every woman. Since its launch a few years ago, have been evolving to provide greater properties and benefits to the skin, leaving focus on cell regeneration only. Nowadays, you can find in the stores different serums of different brands with different effects and results. Each of which is suitable for specific skin types or to meet certain needs of the dermis of the face.

The serums

Although there are many types, mainly, we can classify all the serums into four large groups. One of them is the anti-aging serum that, perhaps, is one of the best known, since they were among the first to be launched on the market. In this case, its main action focuses on reducing facial wrinkles and fine lines.

In addition, it is a product that helps the regeneration of cells so that the skin recovers its splendor. Among its main assets are collagen or elastin. They are two components that are important for, really, this product to be effective. Normally, it is indicated for mature skin or for preventive use after 30 years .

Another type is the illuminating serum , whose main function is to illuminate the face to give it the own light that has a complexion that is younger . If this product is needed, it is important that it contains vitamin C, which is the component that allows a greater luminosity.

There are also anti- spotted serum, which are ideal for treating all those skins that have a problem of spots and those that are very prone to appear even if they are small. Also, they are a good option when the spots are very dark .

These products help to minimize them and prevent their appearance, acting from the deepest layers of the dermis. In addition, many of them act independently of whether the spots are hormonal, post-inflammatory or solar. The result is a skin with a more uniform tone .

And, finally, there are the serum that reduce the pores , which are ideal for those skins that have more dilated or mature skins in which already, by the passage of time, are more visible.


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