Courts and Hairstyles: Tips for the perfect bangs

The bangs say a lot about hairstyle and that not in the best conditions can ruin even the best haircut. So you always have to make sure that you always look perfect and neat to look as beautiful as possible.

Courts and Hairstyles: Tips for the perfect bangs

Let’s see what you should do to make your bangs either in full style or side bang…

Full Bangs

For best results it is essential that count with a natural bristle round brush to comb it properly. Add some styling mouse or a product-based smoothing silicone in case you need some weight on the hair and then comb your bangs down with a speed dryer and diffuser over medium heat.

Courts and Hairstyles: Tips for the perfect bangs
The round brush is useful when you need to give volume or straighten hair, you owe it to use at a time that you use the dryer with a circular motion and taking the long hair from the root. Remember that the size of the brush depends on the length you have your bangs.

To finish apply a little hairspray to set better styling.

Side Bangs

As in the previous case apply a little mouse or silicones in your hair if you need to get more weight, then proceeds to dry the hair with the dryer on medium speed and low heat to straighten it.

Once the hair is well combed straight starts on the side you want, in this case also can use the dryer sheet. If you want to give volume to hair styling it is first desirable to the opposite side and then want to accommodate as it is, this will lift the roots and give volume.

When the fringe is completely dry, brush it Shake down. To complete the hairstyle apply a little cold air helps set the bangs in her new position and reduce frizz, and finally use a little hairspray or fixative spray to keep hair long.


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