Creams for cold weather jackets

Creams for cold weather jacketsCertainly, the cold wave will eventually move (a bit … only to return – well, usually), but it’s time to pamper her skin with appropriate care for the winter.

I had a full point by skin type in the article “Take care of your skin in winter”.

Broadly, one harsh for her skin as little as possible and is protected to the max. To do this, simply choose a cream a little richer than the summer, to be well on regular applications (morning and evening, we must nourish the skin) and to aim the dry areas (face well safe – even combination skin still struggling in winter, hands, mouth).

Departing to Helsinki in a few days for a great weekend with my mare, I began to seriously address the issue. Here are some suggestions for the face cream jackets and body.

Xérodiane Noreva of LEDs, may be not the most glamorous, but a safe bet. Perfect for the whole family, face and body balm soothes the skin, and restructures the space inflammatory attacks. It is recommended for large, cold and drought or severe outbreaks of dermatitis, atopic . With its new Aquaperfus (micro-crystalline particles loaded with nutrients and water molecules), it provides hydration and nutrition at the dropper to the skin.

Basically designed for stressed skin became uncomfortable NutriZen Mary Cohr is perfect for winter with all the nutrients it brings to the skin. It contains:

– Omega 3,6 and 9 (from the oils of camellia seed and raspberry) that recreate the lipid film on the surface of the skin (thus protecting against external attacks and avoiding significant loss of water) and that restore the good balance of essential fatty acids for skin comfort.

– Pro-ceramide (obtained by distillation of a sunflower oil) that activate the production of fatty acids and help restore the intercellular cement.

– An extract of lotus de-stressing, soothing and anti-radical.

A real cream jacket, ultra comfort for dry skin or dry cold. Okay so beware, it comes out … Note that in February it on your calendar, it’s a good product.

In the range of Clarins specifically declined on the basis of climate, we obviously chose the rich cream planned for the winter (or for very dry skin). With its rich texture and nourishing, it soothes feelings of tightness related to dry skin. It leaves the skin supple, bright and comfortable.

Essential for dehydrated whatever the cause, Hydrance Optimal rich future.

Jacket body and anti-aging bonus is the care Caress Cellular Youth Corps Hill. With its high performance active, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin deep (borage oil, sweet almond, musk rose oil, shea butter) and restructures the dermis with a derivative of silicon, which activates the synthesis of collagen and protects skin external aggression. Then, the MAC complex stimulates the cells more oxygen, they produce more energy they use in part to renew. Finally, fruit acids also stimulate the renewal cellulaire.Un excellent product, very effective and sensory.

The White Grape Body Lotion Patyka. A very nice organic brand which I must speak to you again in detail (very fast). With a smooth texture and mild, it is nutritious enough to moisturize and protect skin, even in winter. With its active antioxidants, it also fights against the signs of aging. A very nice product with 99.95% of the total ingredients of natural origin and 20.26% of total bio.

Remember to always have on you a good lip balm (not a gadget so). The stick Avene Cold Cream, a must.

The Balm Lip Repair Clarins. It is simply cannon. It leaves a super comfortable and durable (it’s cool) on the lips. It repairs minor injuries super fast and we made a nice smooth mouth any and all pulpy.

The best for me. It repairs dry skin almost immediately, really. It leaves no greasy film, but the skin all soft flexible.

That basically! With a small selection from this selection, you should spend the winter.


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