Create websites and applications using HTML5 with Google Web designer

The HTML5 is a markup language that is slowly arriving more and more on the web integrating many new technologies for the most part open source. We have recently seen some quality HTML5 for example on games like Freeciv game of the famous strategy game console or the new Google Roll It the WebSoket Bees; thanks to which you can connect a smartphone to the browser also you can use HTML5 in some applications as made Linux Mint with the new MDM integrating support for the creation of new themes for the display manager.

Google Web Designer is a new web application to create websites and apps in HTML5

HTML5 slowly should also retire Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight and other anti-copying proprietary technology especially after the integration of DRM which will allow companies to produce copy protection technology in the multimedia contents. Google has already begun porting to Html5 some of its services such as YouTube, that also will release a short Web Designer a very interesting web application with which we can create sites, web applications, banners and much more in HTML5.

With a recent post in DoubleCLick Advertiser blog, Google has confirmed to be working on the development of the new Google Web application/web service Designer devoted mainly to companies and web designers. Google Web Designer will be a useful tool to create interactive advertisements HTML5 in addition to providing professional tools for creating entire websites or web applications in Html5. At the time Google did not release any other information about it though other industry blogs and forums have already indicated that the issue would most likely come by next autumn.

Google Web Designer is an application that will be very useful also for Linux users and professionals who can operate in the development of new HTML5 web applications directly from browser ready to be supported by the new Ubuntu Touch and Mozilla Firefox OS.


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