CrossFit, a comprehensive training program

If you’re still in search of your program of exercises ideal to help you maintain weight and toned figure, CrossFit is a good choice. It is a training program of ten steps, ideal for those who are bored with traditional aerobics classes and gym workouts.

This discipline combines aerobics with some toning other, that is why it is complete and provides a great result for those who want to train three or four hours a week and no more.

CrossFit is based on the training of physical abilities ten most recognized specialists in sports training: cardiorespiratory endurance, strength muscle, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy. The creator of these techniques was Greg Glassman, a personal trainer in 2001 and in California was spent to develop them. It is an exercise demanding, but burning many calories per session and the results are conclusive and will not wait.

Keep in mind that the goal of CrossFit is that you develop the ultimate performance in each of the ten areas in which you work. All exercises used are functional, i.e. those replicate in everyday life and there is – for example – lifting machines sitting (something unlikely to happen in a real situation).

CrossFit a comprehensive training program

Each CrossFit workout is intense but short-lived, with creative and always varied. It works in boxes – as it calls CrossFit spaces – and work in small groups, using different elements such as rowing machines, medicine balls, dumbbells, bikes, pool, ropes, mats, so you can vary the routines.

As the exercises of CrossFit is intense but short-term rather than long aerobic sessions or bicycle tape, performed cardio sessions shorter and high-intensity anaerobic exercise. It increases strength, muscle mass and power. Anaerobic activity can be used to develop a very high level of aerobic training, without loss of muscle associated with a high volume of aerobic exercise.

Similarly, those who train with this activity does not spend long hours performing repetitions of weight, not isolating muscles in each exercise. Instead, they perform complex movements, developing high levels of strength, with high loads and low reps. After that, put the body into an almost total rest.

CrossFit is a “training programs of the day” or “Workout of the day”(WOD), ranging from five to 30, not counting the warm-up and final relaxation. Each WOD combines one, two or three exercise groups.

It is a comprehensive, adaptable to people with little free time but are willing to do, and ensures multiple outcomes.


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