Crystal Station, solar stations for public transport

the designer Andre Monteiro seems quite relevant

It never ceases to explore the concepts of environmentally friendly vehicles, most of the time: solar and electric, but we do not talk enough architectures should accommodate them.

With all electric concepts of public transport, there should also have stations operating a renewable energy source. The project envisioned by the designer Andre Monteiro seems quite relevant. Named Crystal Station, this urban project involves the installation of solar charging stations on the route of public transport. A station is composed of a few solar panels erected on supports that resemble tree trunks. Stations can be assimilated to judgments as they are placed at the roadside, in a part of the pedestrian crossing. Crystal Station uses open to the public vehicles operating as taxis.

These electric cars are part of a vast network. You can book a car and ask the operator to send to take us there or you are, by simple phone call.


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