Cultivation of Aloe Vera: Ideas and suggestions

The Aloe Vera is perhaps one of the most appreciated plants by the world due to its many medicinal properties and aesthetic healing. It has both an internal and external usage and is used for various ailments such as allergies, heartburn, cramps, arthritis, fungal laryngitis among many, many more. In the aesthetic realm it is also a plant used for its proven results in treating acne, poor skin and hair makes them many who seek this plant.

Cultivation of Aloe Vera Ideas and suggestions

If such is the case, it is best to have it at home and in fact many people who have Aloe Vera at home for being easy to grow plant. Here are some ideas and suggestions for the cultivation of Aloe Vera.

It is also known as simply Aloe, the Aloe Vera is a plant of a size of up to 3 meters depending on its type. The plant is very resistant to dry soil but does not grow in deserts or in extremely dry nor rainy weather and wet. The soil where this plant can be grown is varied. It can grow on stony, rocky though it has the best performance in soil rather sandy, clayey, sandy loam and clay loam.

For proper cultivation of Aloe Vera you can choose any type of soil to ensure the proper rooting. To this end, it is best to begin a month and a half before to prepare the soil where the planting will take place. The soil should be directly exposed to the sun, as one of the requirements for good cultivation of Aloe Vera is the high luminosity.

How to plant Aloe Vera?

It can be planted in pots which is usually the most common, especially in environments with limited space. But if you stand on the ground it can be planted in rows at a distance of about two feet between plants and rows (one beside the other), and must have a distance between them of 0.70 inches.

As for irrigation, watering should be avoided as plants may rot with high humidity. So back to water must verify that the soil is dry because if the roots are too long may rot in wet soil.

As noted, the cultivation of Aloe Vera is not difficult and grows almost anywhere. For countless benefits, many people are already planting it at home.


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