Cures and Remedies for Scabies

These natural remedies are helpful to prevent scabies. The person must take a bath and spread throughout the body surface, except the eyes, nose and mouth, to eliminate scabies.

Garlic Remedy for Scabies:

  • Crush the cloves of four heads of garlic and mix with honey.
  • Apply this preparation to the skin.
  • Leave in for 20 minutes.
  • Then rinse with warm water.

Indigo plant remedy for scabies:

  • Having bathed and rubbed the patient’s body or the affected area with soap or black tar.
  • Make friction with a mix of fresh indigo leaves, crushed with salt.

Indigo plant remedy for scabies

Mullein remedy for scabies:

  • Place on affected parts poultices of crushed plant.
  • Leave in for about 20 minutes.
  • Then rinse and repeat the treatment.


Pumpkin remedy for scabies:

Place the affected part of the pumpkin leaves, crushed with salt.


Chicalote remedy for scabies:

  • Crush the seeds and mix with milk chicalote, put a poultice on the affected parts.
  • Leave on for half an hour, repeat three times a day.


Avoiding scabies:

The patient’s family should do the same treatment as the infection spreads easily.


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