Cybersecurity and Hackers: white hats versus black hats

In the world of Cybercrime, Hackers are always one step ahead of those responsible for enforcing the law.

Despite the fact that the State security forces and bodies are intensely equipped with the material and human means to act against crime, criminals always find an escape route by designing new drug routes, obtaining better means of transportation and organizing systems every year. increasingly difficult for law enforcement authorities to track down.

white hats or white hats are ethical hackers , that is, professionals with great skills in the management of computer equipment

In these cases, it is common for there to be a shift between being on one side of the law and, at the same time, going to the other . That is, there are thinking minds that act on the side of crime for a certain time and then do their job but this time to hunt down criminals.

That is often seen with computer criminals, the so-called hackers. This word still retains a negative connotation today, since it is associated with crime, when in fact its most extensive meaning is that of computer experts.

The white hats and the black hats

This negative view of hackers is real and understandable, since many of them, the so-called black hats or black hats, are those who have a malicious intention in their actions and their objective is to bypass the security mechanisms of the devices.

Unlike these, white hats or white hats are ethical hackers , that is, professionals with great skills in the management of computer equipment who investigate systems capable of warning of failures and develop improvement techniques.

Today, this figure of white hats is more important than ever, since computer security is very relevant today, since practically all our transactions are done through the internet or digitally. This phenomenon has been reflected in the labor market, where there is a high demand for IT and also in the training sector where IT security masters are in great demand.

Hacking, which goes beyond computer training , brings together all the resources destined to arouse curiosity for the discovery of what is new in computer science, communication between devices and their security.

In this sense, what happens with training is similar to the situation between crime and law, self-taught knowledge goes beyond the training system itself. The philosophy of “learning by doing”, learning through practice and experience , is what guides this type of knowledge. It is usual that when a person wants to discover something about computer skills, they find answers in tutorials on the internet before than in the regulated training itself.

A young career, but in high demand

Training as a cybersecurity professional is still a young discipline. Companies often turn to computer experts who have acquired their knowledge in a self-taught way , and it is even notorious that hackers with a criminal record become part of the staff of computer security companies.

For many people, cybersecurity seems to have a very limited field of action, but the reality is that today it reaches everywhere. Every minute we use our mobile phone we can be vulnerable to cyber threats : data theft, personal information, money scams …

Any device connected to the network is susceptible to being hacked, which is what black hats do. White hats, meanwhile, are the ones on the other side of the scale. At the user level, it is important to have sufficient protection systems to make adequate use of the internet.

In the case of the professional field, companies must also condition their facilities and systems to remain less vulnerable . Currently, all companies have their own or external professionals hired to carry out these tasks, but new crimes and threats continue to appear.

Crime and legal persecution are two sides of the same coin, which feed off each other. With computing, this same dynamic happens, and now it is more evident than ever, since we depend on the internet for practically every step we take. Computer security will continue to grow in the coming years, hence it is seen as an attractive option to enter the world of work.


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