CycloClean, the bike that purify water

bicycle water purification system, CycloClean does not require gasoline or electricity to run

Nippon Basic Co. Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of cycling and it is quite natural that the company offers what it does best to purify water. The bike in question is called CycloClean, it embarks equipment on the back that is responsible for this purification. If the known water purifiers typically use fuel, electricity or solar energy, for CycloClean, just pedaling. First, to use it, we are heading towards the edge of a lake or river and then unfolds its crutches to keep its rear wheel height. The equipment of the bike has a pipe which is immersed in the impure source. Afterwards, we pedal to draw water and bring it to level three purifying filters. In just a minute, we can clean 5 liters of water.

CycloClean, the bike that purify water

The first version of CycloClean appeared in 2005 in Japan at a price of 550,000 yen (4,850 euros approx.). But Nippon Basic will soon make change for the market in other countries, particularly those in developing countries.


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