Dark circles, causes of their appearance

The rings are a fairly common problem and no less annoying. The rings are very unsightly and can spoil a pretty face and care giving and tired old-looking appearance. A woman with beautiful eyes can much of its charm when seen under these pesky dark circles.

The dark circles appear for various reasons, and determine the cause for which they arise is crucial to choose the appropriate treatment to the fight.

Why dark circles appear

Heredity: is often inherited trait. The skin under the eyes is very thin and when the blood flows through the veins near the surface of the bluish tint that generates this is when the skin is more transparent.

Overexposure to the sun: when the sun can abuse the skin under the eyes to acquire a darker color by increasing the natural pigmentation of the skin. This problem is more common in people with darker skin.

Allergy and eczema: any infection in the eye area can lead to the appearance of dark circles under the skin, which is aggravated by friction and scratching. Allergies to certain foods also cause dark circles.

Drugs: Drugs that dilate blood vessels can cause dark circles because the flow of blood flowing under the eyelids increases and come to notice through the skin.

Poor feeding, poor diet, an unbalanced diet and lack of certain nutrients causes dark circles are marked.

Tiredness and lack of sleep: Lack of sleep or extreme exhaustion make the skin under the eyes becomes thin and transparent, which consequently makes visible the blood that flows underneath.

Pregnancy and menstruation: in these moments in the life of a woman’s skin becomes pale, which makes the veins below the dermis more visible, especially in the eye area.

Age: As the years pass, is more likely to appear dark circles, which are more visible and difficult to remove. When there are many folds in the eyelids, dark circles will be even more prominent.


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