Darksiders ii, action from another world

To say that Darksiders has been one of the most amazing action games and original 2010 only stating a fact. Vigil Games that will reference the Judeo-Christian tradition and mysticism to be removed from the sleeve of the titles more playable, fun and spectacular last year was not only a great success, but one of the cornerstones of his artistic design and Gameplay.

Although, of course, if you know it, you’ll also clear that it served only as a starting point, as the pandemonium of devils, spirits, angels, forces of darkness and lords of the underworld quickly put aside the religious references and more open to a sense…hmm, how to say more mythological. And if you do not have too clear, Vigil Games will take care to leave the lens in its sequel, where the new story about the Apocalypse, with new player included, and the annihilation of the species humanate will leave you stuck to your PC while you enjoy the wildest action giving rise to – that irony- The Death!

If Darksiders tomabas the role of War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, deceived by a dark force to trigger the Apocalypse early in Darksiders II take the role of one of his brothers, Death, whose abilities and game features are very different from what you remember the original game. Darksiders II’s script will continue on the original, although, in reality, we should say quite the complement, since the history of Death is developed, in part at least, parallel to the military. Death, in fact, goes into action in the underworld when Guerra was jailed unjustly accused of unleashing the apocalypse.

The objective of Death will redeem his brother doing that humanity be reinstated-a full-blown reset! But the way to get it will be difficult, dangerous and long. Much longer than that route in Darksiders.

When those responsible for Darksiders Vigil II pesentaron us, that first glance based on several basic points that define the essence of the game: a new protagonist, their new skills, the ability to configure to your liking, as well as the equipment Death, world’s largest gambling, the availability of a new saddle almost from the start and gameplay much more steeply. In a nutshell one could say that Darksiders II distance itself from its predecessor by mixing action with a touch of role, and do everything better and bigger. Much bigger.

But unchanged in its essence. It will again be third-person action. Again, combos, special powers and weapons will be instrumental in massive combat. And again, it will be quite a spectacle.


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