Data Science: the technological trend with the highest rate of employability

More and more organizations are demanding professionals specialized in Data Science

Without a doubt, the introduction of the Internet and new technologies has had a great impact on society as a whole, something that can be seen reflected in the business fabric, since most businesses have been forced to start a digital transformation process . Therefore, it is not surprising that organizations sue professionals in the technology sector.

Data Science has become one of the most prominent scientific disciplines of the moment

Today, we live in a world loaded with data, which is really useful when it comes to obtaining information about people. That is, the data of the users that are collected through the Internet -websites, applications, etc.- allow companies to make decisions, since through their management and treatment, these data can become a very valuable source of information .

In this sense, Data Science has become one of the most prominent scientific disciplines of the moment, because it is based on the analysis of large data sources, from which it obtains real information about people. To do this, data science uses different tools from the world of mathematics, statistics and computer science.

What is Data Science?

The term data science began to be used in the 1970s, when scientists referred to data processing methods with this word. However, today, data science is an independent discipline that is of great interest to the business sector, since thanks to it, organizations can get to know customers a little better.

Until the beginning of the 21st century, Data Science had always been linked to Big Data, but as of 2001, this scientific discipline began to work on its own. And it is that it is no longer enough to count the data, but it is necessary to manage and interpret them to obtain valuable information. This is why most businesses demand data science specialists .

If we take into account the current economic crisis situation generated by COVID-19, it is not surprising that more and more people want to study data science , since this training offers many professional opportunities. In order not to have problems with health and safety, the most appropriate thing to do is study at a distance, through an online master at the various colleges and universities specialized in Data Science.

Data Science career opportunities

Today, Data Science has become one of the best scientific disciplines that can be studied, since people can find a job with great ease. The statistics do not lie, and according to the study ‘The most wanted’ by the human resources consultancy, Adecco, the profession of data analyst has been one of the most demanded of the year 2020.

In addition, this profession is very well paid, since the average salary of a data scientist is approximately € 33,400 per year. And it is that students who study a Data Science master can develop in various areas, so they have no problems when it comes to finding a job opportunity. According to the study centers, this specialty has an employability rate of 95%.

In general, most organizations request the professional profile of a data scientist, however, students of the master ‘s degree in data science can also work as a data analyst, data architect or data engineer. Endless possibilities, since this scientific discipline is totally necessary, especially for businesses that have to make decisions based on customer knowledge.

How to train in Data Science at a distance?

As previously mentioned, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a major economic crisis, which has also affected the educational field. And is that almost all study centers have opted for online education , that is, to teach distance classes. A novel method that allows you to learn from home, without having to travel to a physical institution.

Some data science master’s degrees have easily adapted to this new format, since for some time, they have already taught online classes for students who could not attend in person. Therefore, students who want to train in data science, only have to look for a master’s degree that offers the possibility of studying at a distance.

In this way, students can gain the knowledge necessary to be an expert in data science . Not all master’s degrees are the same, so it is essential to look at the methodology and knowledge they offer, since some are designed for people who want to start from scratch – they do not have previous knowledge in data science.


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