Decorate a rental apartment without spending a lot of money

Can we customize a rental apartment, without having to do work and without spending a lot of money? In our DIY Decoration blog we have discussed it clearly and more elaborately. But we also shared some ticks here for you. You do not need to hire an interior designer nor will you have to convince your roommate. The trick is to renew the small details to achieve a much more welcoming, warm and desirable.

If you want to give a twist to your rental apartment so that the house speaks a little more about you and you feel comfortable in it, take note of the keys you will find in this article. We reveal some ideas to customize a rental apartment.

Nothing refreshes a floor better than plants

1. Add plants and flowers

Nothing refreshes a floor better than plants. That’s why in Decorablog we recommend using plants and flowers to give a new air to your rooms. You have several possibilities. You can choose a plant in XXL version for dead corners and unused corners or add small floral arrangements distributed throughout the space.

A good idea is to add seasonal flowers . Thus, every so often your rooms will have a new air and another color. Another advantage is that, in addition, you will adapt your house to the time of year. But if you do not have time to take care of the plants or you have no hand for them, you can always resort to artificial plants and flowers. There are super realistic models that look great in a vase with water and some stones. This will seem almost, almost really.

2. Release textiles

Another quick and interesting change to customize a rental apartment is to renovate textiles . Try with other curtains, new cushions for the sofa, a carpet for the hall, etc.

Our advice is to choose colors and patterns in tune with the time of year. Maybe some pretty flowers for spring, a tropical look for summer, tasty textures for winter and ochres and oranges for autumn. Thus, when dressing the rooms, the decoration will look totally different and you will also adapt to the season of the year.

To integrate your textiles into space, make sure that some color is present within the space. This way you will have a link between all the elements that make up your room.

3. Decorate the walls

The walls also have a lot to say in the decoration. The walls claim prominence and that’s why you should not forget to decorate them. If they are not decorated, now can be a good time to give life to these spaces. And if you already have decoration, you can always add some detail that renovates.

You have many possibilities. You can choose classic pieces, such as paintings, photographs, canvases or mirrors. But you can also add an eclectic and special touch to your walls with details originating from other countries. Maybe a kimono, a juju hat, an African mask, some handmade baskets of vegetable fibers, decorative plates, trophies, etc. Everything depends on the style that you like most: African, Japanese, Mexican..

Another cheap idea to give a new look to a rental apartment is to give a coat of paint to the walls. You can update the old worn paint or risk with another color. But if the painting does not convince you, you can always resort to wallpaper . It is a great resource to renew the decoration, but also to highlight or even delimit some space. The wallpaper is ideal for highlighting the wall of the reading corner, the headboard of the bedroom or the hall.

In specialized stores you will also find other interesting alternatives such as murals or vinyl. Everything depends on the space you plan to decorate. If it’s small, maybe a vinyl or a mural could be the right solution for you.


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