Decorate your house with low budget

When you want to transform a space to make it the home of your dreams, many doubts and concerns arise. The most important is to know how to do it without spending a lot of money. It really is a simple matter, with a little creativity and some planning, you can decorate beautifully, without investing too much budget.

These new trends do not need a lot of money. In the retro style strong colors predominate and there is room for mixtures that highlight the spaces

The 2014 arrives loaded with many trends, it goes from the minimalist wave that tried to condense the art in the few elements located of simple and individual way, that had seen in the last times, to the retro and vintage fashions that try to recover and Give life to objects of the past like trunks, phonographs, photographs among others.

These new trends do not need a lot of money. In the retro style strong colors predominate and there is room for mixtures that highlight the spaces. For its part in the vintage style, everything that has to do with what we call “the house of the grandmother” pastel blends with old objects that give the feeling of familiarity and recollection.
Another trend that comes with force is everything that has to do with reusable materials such as tires, plastic bottles, crates or cardboard boxes that with a little creativity and imagination can be transformed into wonderful objects to set the home and that are affordable for Any family. Now the trend is more traditional, it is returning to the old, giving more personality to objects with natural workmanship that are friendly to the environment, industrial and synthetic is staying aside.

Minimalist style
Here are some tips and tricks that will help you in the decoration without spending money:

Control light
light helps us to perform our daily tasks within the home. The lighting allows us to highlight certain elements in the room and lamps can be a powerful decorative accessory.

Painting and repainting
Painting is the ideal instrument for its low price and its great prominence within each room. The painting generates sensations, improving, giving light, lowering ceilings or extending the spaces. So the possibilities are endless : combining colors, painting a wall exclusively, creating sockets, etc.

The mirrors expand the space and endow greater brightness , by multiplying the light with its reflections. They also represent an object of great decorative load, sometimes turning into the center of attention of a room.

The second life of furniture
Furniture spoil or goof fashion; But they may have a second life. Sanding, painting, wallpapering or simply repair can turn into new pieces with personality and charm.
Objects that change function
Reusing old or useless objects to give them a new functionality can be an easy and fun task. With a little time and imagination, we can give new function mirrors, bags, baskets or stairs.

Textiles: color and texture
Textile give a cozy feeling to space and also allow us decorate, giving color and texture. They can help create stays more neutral, broader or more cheerful and also are easily replaceable.

Green and Live
Plants and flowers are a great addition to any home. They give a cozy and fresh air, decorate and personalize for very little money.


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