How to decorate the walls in eco-friendly design?

Having the right color on the walls is essential to create a pleasant environment in the home. On the market you can find any type of color and shade as there are different kinds of wall decorations such as wall paper or so back in fashion wallpaper.

But if you want to give a fresh, original and lasting impact to your walls customizing you want to take a look at the new proposals of the wall ideas or a specialized company expert in interior design of wall decorations.

The proposed idea “Ego” has never before designed a system that is both eco-friendly and design at the same time. Ego is a kind of tattoo mural that has many ideas in all natural key.

Ego is a kind of tattoo mural that has many ideas in all natural key

The proposals are very numerous, and there are something for all tastes. Whether you want to recreate a Japanese garden or a tropical lagoon, Ego has the right solution for you.

Also, if one of the images from the catalog offers not find the one you want, you can always take a photo or image and experts of the company that will produce for you.

The installation is easy and is done by a technician of the company that will do the job quickly and cleanly. The installation does not create odors and can also be made in closed rooms.

The tattoo wall can be done by either of wall portions or the entire surface of the wall. It’s completely breathable, unlike many wallpaper, PVC-free and has no difficulties in applying the corners or rounded or beveled surfaces.

Finding Ego Products is easy. And this all over the country and you can turn to the best shops of colors and retailers of building materials. In addition, you can also have a rendering before the application of the final product and the purchase by going to the site to get an idea of how it will preview your wall.


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