Decorations for Christmas with homemade ornaments

The decorations for Christmas in homes means something more than putting together the Christmas tree and some lights guide somewhere in the house, rather it is a chance to infect others feeling of pleasure and festive spirit that somehow takes over all of us.

So, what better than to give your friends, family and neighbors a proper welcome to your home. If it occurred to you the best way to do this, you present some ideas of Christmas ornaments for doors.

Christmas decorations for doors

Christmas decorations for doors: Door wreaths

The Christmas wreaths are the traditional Christmas decorations for doors. There are a variety of designs, you can buy in any store. They come in various colors: green, gold, white, silver, or even natural ocher. You can also take a bit of work and make your own crown, which should include green leaves, twigs and nuts, pineapples, and other small additional decorations. You can add a quick Christmas lights following the shape of the crown and make the most of the nights. It is also an attractive idea using a red or gold ribbon usually in the finishing touch to this traditional decorations for Christmas.

Christmas decorations for doors: Signs of Christmas

If it is homemade ornaments for Christmas, just choose the most varied designs and typical figures to draw them on cardboard and place them in the front door with Christmas messages. If the driveway is not protected by a small forward, you can choose to cut EVA letters and make a welcome sign of various colors and waterproof.

Christmas decorations for doors: Christmas Door Hangers

The door hangers typically have several Christmas designs, including figures of Santa Claus, snowmen, or even miniature Christmas wreaths. You can also find them made of cardboard. And you can even make your own designs in cardboard, and decorate with glitter glue and color.

More ideas for the gateway of your home

The decoration of the entrance of the house does not have to be necessarily on the door with ornaments. You can also place other decorative accessories on the entry, including small Christmas trees on the sides of the door. Until a Santa Claus or elves garden with Christmas lights and garlands.


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