Decorative Pools Images

As crowded landscape, decorative pools join in the gardens as natural water bodies where the Sun arrives in fullness, regardless of formats and materials built, the swimming pools surrounded by a green environment contribute directly in the decoration of the home, providing beautiful scene that invite you to enjoy the outdoors.

The word “pool” often evoke, at least at first, a shaped rectangular and neat, eye-catching blue, with a huge fence encircling it and barring access to children, however new winds blowing and little by little this classic image has changed to transform in another that best represents what is being done today in regards to the pools.

New are the colors of coatings covering them, also forms and solariums, the materials that compose them, banks of garden and furniture that populate them, a sum of ingredients gives way to new trends and causes the pool to really integrate into the garden and ceases to be something superimposed without connection with the environment.

providing beautiful scene that invite you to enjoy the outdoors

Build pools of swimming in the middle of decorated gardens, it is a task that requires not only a preliminary study of the guidelines to take advantage of the Sun, but also advise both on the characteristics of the species of plants already existing and new to and where it is convenient to do so to be able to enjoy, surrounded by green and landscape, but preserving the cleanliness of the water and the arrival of the Sun.

banks of garden and furniture that populate the pool

It must be taken into account while plants near the pools are very attractive and naturally decorate the floors of patios, planting species must be very well chosen, so that they do not have an improper growth and cover sunlight creating unwanted shadows, also must be taken into account which are not plants that shed leaves and flowers since these dirty water from the pool.

Build pools of swimming in the middle of decorated gardens

The use of elements that characterize the different landscapes as part of a design, allows you to protect the privacy of a place and enjoy a different framework without resigning the necessary quota of creativity and modernity, decorative pools which blend with the landscape are the latest trend, pools that are integrated to nature and invites us to enjoy it.


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