Decreased libido or no interest in sex?

One of the most feared problems in a relationship is no sex. From both sides, it is a problem that should not be underestimated, because a decreased libido (the official term for it: no sex), the stability of the relationship at risk. Misunderstanding, resentment and frustration make their appearance when the partners are increasingly looking.

Decreased libido or no interest in sex

And yet it’s really not that hard to pick up the thread (we are of course not on those cases where the reduced libido is due to the use of certain medications or the result of physical symptoms). All you need is a little good will and a good dose of imagination. With those “ingredients” you avoid routine and routine and keep your relationship alive and exciting in bed.

Here are some helpful advices who believe that their love life is unsatisfactory and that their relationship would breathe new life into. It is not difficult, in any case, it is worth a try.

Take care of your body and appearance. It’s not just a question of respect for yourself, but for your partner. Whoever likes and is at ease will succeed before the relationship extra impetus. The reverse is also true. And what about your partner? He is more likely to be attracted to a neat and attractive woman than to a woman but little attention to her appearance. Yet?

Do not be afraid to experiment. Pull the plunge and seek with him to new and exciting situations and ways to make your sex life more spicy touch. Whether you succeed you will mainly depend togetherness and intimacy. Only when you are totally afraid to give your wish dare to speak to him partaker makes your fantasies and also to his fantasies listening (and for a change once in life), will you succeed in the passion of yesteryear can be found. Any idea? Go get together with him to a sex shop and buy naughty things together, or Swap cinema once the evening for a night strip club. Why not?

Talking about fantasies. Not just your partner (wild) fantasies, but you have that also. Do not be ashamed, but make it a game. Whisper them during sex softly in his ear. You do not know how many men dream of a woman who is open and honest about her erotic fantasies dare come!

Talk to your friends or girlfriends. Try your fears and doubts into words and ask her if she knows that also. Sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone. And never think that it is your fault that you (or he) have less sex than before. You get together into this situation and will have to come together again.

Avoid stress as much as possible. Stress is a culprit when it comes to making love. With your mind still at work and nerves running through your body, the vultures would have never. So try to relax. Take a warm bath before going to bed.

The last and perhaps most important advice is: love yourself. There is no better “medicine” against decreased libido than self-love. Love yourself, be confident of yourself and your quality, and put your shame aside. Have the guts to reveal hidden aspects of yourself to show.

This is it. Accrued you some miraculous recipe then we’re probably disappointed. You and your partner will work together to solve your problem. Learn to talk and go painful topics (such as decreased libido) do not shy away from. Do not be afraid of your fears and doubts and – why not? – Your frustrations on the table. It’s really not that difficult and it is definitely worth it.


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