Fatigue And If It Came From Your Teeth?

With the billions of bacteria it contains, plaque not only damaging teeth and gums. It can also be a source of fatigue. One more reason to eliminate it regularly.

1. Teeth attention to plaque

Well, yes, the plaque can be tiring! Moreover, some athletes perform regular cleanings to maintain good performance. According to the dentist by removing the billions of bacteria that can invade the mouths, they found the immune system more efficient, less focused on one part of the body.

Teeth attention to plaque

Naturally, the plaque is primarily responsible for trouble in the periodontium, the name given to all the tissues that support the teeth.

2. Teeth remove tartar at home

Calculus, a deposit colorless and extremely sticky, night and day forms from saliva. It is mostly found behind the lower incisors, the output channels of the salivary glands submandibular and sublingual. It also accumulates on dentures and dental appliances. The calcium-binding bacteria in the saliva, it gradually becomes calcified plaque to form. Different pigments in drinks (tea, coffee), foods (blueberries) and tobacco (nicotine) can color it.

Regular brushing three times a day

These daily brushings limit tartar (Dental Calculus) formation. But chewing sugarless gum can occasionally replace. The bristles of the brush should be flexible enough to bend and reach the gingival sulcus. If you use an electric toothbrush, do not press too hard or too long: the enamel will wear.

Brushing may be supplemented by the use of a water pick, a dental jet that sends water and air between the teeth, under the gums (available in pharmacies). Inter-dental brushes and mouthwash are reserved for patients who suffer from periodontal disease.

3. Teeth attention to your gums

If your gums become red and swollen and bleed easily, you have gingivitis, inflammation.
With a scaling to the dentist and brushing daily – at least three minutes – the evil will disappear. Otherwise, you may periodontitis: pockets filled plaque form between the teeth and gums. You must then scrape it along the root of these deposits, under local anesthesia. Periodontitis can cause complications in frail distance, because the bacteria into the blood. These can cause inflammatory reactions cause tendonitis or discharge bone graft at the hip or knee. Another possible consequence: serious infections in carriers of artificial heart valves.

4. Teeth: why treat periodontitis

Untreated periodontitis can lead to tooth loss. Only a thorough curettage root (root planing) is able to stop the progression of the disease, but the affected bone will not grow. If surgery is not performed, the tooth should be replaced. To avoid this (aesthetic and financial), it is imperative to observe the rules of good dental hygiene and visit the dentist once a year.


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