Design ideas for a romantic bedroom

The bedroom is the place in the house where you rest and relax. There are people who love reading and watching television in the bed room. Whatever your favorite habit in the bedroom, you will still agree that having a romantic bedroom in line with your tastes is essential and vital at times.

For all the romantics here’s an idea to decorate your bedroom easily and without much expense.

First, to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom forgets the colors strong or switched to prefer that pastel and clear: white, pink, ivory, light green.

A true bedroom in romantic style can not have a four-poster bed

You can also choose wall paper in ad hoc designs that resonate with natural elements such as leaves, flower petals or relaxing landscapes.

For the choice of furnishings you can choose wooden furniture look old or even antique markets in antiques or shabby chic style which is the ultimate romantic style. Carpets and rugs soft coordinated are a must.

But let the element par excellence of the bedroom: the bed. A true bedroom in romantic style can not have a four-poster bed. Today I want to show an easy way to create a canopy reducing costs and allowing you to adapt it to the other elements of the bedroom.

On the market, even to IKEA for example, is easy to find metal canopy beds that have only the skeleton of the structure of the canopy. They are cheap enough and with your help can transform the thalamus perfect for your room in the romantic style.

Obtain the fabric that is the same color or style of the room. Take measures the height and width of the canopy. One need not be the dressmakers tubes, you just need a little initiative. On a large cardboard cut into the shape you want to give to the roof of the canopy: a heart, with parts coming down, curtain type, you choose.

Then place the cardboard on the fabric and cut it the same shape; applied of Velcro on the edges, even with the hot glue. To finish the edges that will not be on the structure just buy the trimmings that always pasted with hot glue. Then attach the fabric to the bed frame and voila you’re done. Simple is not it?


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