Design in furniture: Colorful modular furniture

The modular furniture were fashionable a few years ago and in this 2012 it return with full force and renewed in terms of design and above all colorful.

This is a type of furniture that serve both as comfortable seating as well as decorative items and even sculptures. These blocks of color add dynamism to the home and its unique visual appeal forms and tones.


Here are some of the pieces designed by Studio Lawrence, a group of designers who bet on modular furniture and did full color as seen in the following gallery of colorful modular furniture.

furniture gallery type of furniture exclusive furniture

Modular furniture gallery

The interesting features presented by Studio Lawrence are that modules are removable and allow each other to form different elements. These are pieces that varies inset, play and comfortable home and looking for attention and stand out through form and color.

furniture gallery type of furniture exclusive furniture

furniture gallery type of furniture exclusive furniture

Without doubt this is exclusive furniture, but they may find their own way, everywhere. The modular furniture were always an option for those who had little functional space and looking for something that was comfortable and reduced in size. Today this advantage at the level of space is added the cost of creativity and design to create highly original and attractive furniture.


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