Detect histamine allergy – symptoms and treatment options

Histamine allergy occurs in most cases when an intolerance of histamine. Histamine is released during an allergic reaction by the body. Basically, the person is allergic to any type of allergy. Cause of this allergic reaction is not sufficient degradation of histamine in the body. The effects of histamine allergy include problems with the stomach or the intestine, skin rash, severe headache, and urticaria.

Detect histamine allergy symptoms and treatment options

How can you recognize a histamine allergy?

Once there is an histamine allergic reaction, the body of the person responded with the above items, it is likely after a histamine allergy.

Once these symptoms occur, the person should be promptly investigated with respect to a histamine allergy. To identify the histamine allergy can range from usually one or two of the known symptoms.

Because the symptoms usually occur until several hours after ingestion, the body’s reactions after this time should be monitored more closely.

What can stakeholders do to a histamine allergy?

Once you see a histamine allergy, you should go first to a specialist. This is recommended in most cases to adjust the diet and as little as possible to take histamine.

Some special foods contain a large proportion of histamine, these should be strictly avoided. Among the familiar foods, especially tomato, cheese, certain species of fish, red wine and beer.

Many fruits such as pears, bananas, oranges and raspberries contain much histamine and should no longer recognize after histamine allergy should be consumed.

Is there a reliable cure for a histamine allergy?

An allergy histamine or a histamine intolerance has unfortunately not yet curable. Those affected can only eliminate the causes and avoid certain foods consistently.

Another possibility is treatment with antihistamines, thus, all known symptoms caused by histamine allergy can be suppressed reliably.

Attention is paid to proper nutrition, it is much less in the future allergic reactions. A specialist can help with a reliable treatment or change in diet.


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