Diet naturist prevention and cholesterol reduction

Good nutrition can help to not only prevent but to lower the rates of LDL bad cholesterol. The good news is accompanied by the observation that for a healthy functioning, the body needs good cholesterol not scarce. So speaking of lowering cholesterol should be clarified in the blood if need HDL or good cholesterol, since it serves not only to different-and important-physiological activities, but also is the main fighter lipoprotein low density, or bad cholesterol.

Diet naturist prevention and cholesterol reduction

If the LDL-bad cholesterol, is not properly synthesized in the liver, as their number exceeds the good cholesterol, HDL, successive excess fat will accumulate in the arteries and make difficult the passage of oxygen in the blood. Hence, those who suffer from high cholesterol are more likely to suffer a stroke, and other serious illnesses.

Care for the taste of food

Many times, people talk about naturopathic diet to prevent and reduce cholesterol usually subsides in the imagination of people to food bland and tasteless.


Some delicacies of diet naturist

Basically, the best you can do is eat white meat (fish and chicken), use olive oil and foods high in fiber (cereals, fruits and vegetables). Some very tempting proposals are:

Sandwich bread and chicken, which can be accompanied by a powerful rocket salad and cherry tomatoes seasoned with olive oil and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Salmon cake with oats and flax oil: Salmon is the fish with the highest proportions of omega 3, 6 and 9. However, failure to achieve salmon can be tested with any fish, as they all not only prevent but reduce bad cholesterol.

Apple pudding with walnuts and lemon rind: fruit cannot be absent from a diet after reducing cholesterol. In turn, nuts and dried fruits such as almonds and peanuts greatly assist the health of your arteries.

Are a few recipes that can be seen to be very good banquet without compromising health: oats, beans, vegetables, cereals, fruits, low-fat yogurt, whole grains, chicken, turkey, fish, will be your allies when take care, whether you want to prevent or reduce cholesterol in the blood.


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