Different types and uses of make up brushes

When the face makeup is essential to have the right tools to ensure a flawless coverage makeup with either the tone selected or their application in different areas.

For this there are bowls and brushes of different types, sizes and each designed for a different role. There are at least thirty of them, highlighting the most basic foundation, blush and shadow, along with more specific volatile powders, eyebrows, lips, etc.

For the best makeup you must have good products and excellent brushes. The latter are divided into two groups, those of natural hair and synthetic hair.

Different Types of Hair

Natural hair brushes are made of delicate and soft animal hair fibers specifically adapted for dry or powdered makeup. Several types of fur used.

Martha’s Hair

This is very common hair brushes and makeup artists painting in general. It comes from the tail of this little animal (that lives in Japan and Mongolia), sharp-pointed hair, round, very good to take the color and flexibility. They are also very fine ideals for details. They are found in different varieties like sable china, European marten or sable hair.
Different Types of Hair brushes

Squirrel Hair

This hair is also very soft but not as flexible as sable. His great ability to hold the powders do widely used in powder foundation, blush or even to blend tones.

Pony Hair

It is the most common and with which there are several types of brush, especially the most economical. Not a hair as fine as sable or as strong, so often used to apply shadows and make hazy.

Goat Hair

It is super soft but with great force. Used for foundation and blush. Although its original color is white, in general is dyed.
Different Types of Hair brushes

Racoon Hair

Characterized by its gray color, is the most unique because it has all the characteristics of the above, and therefore it is the most expensive one.

Synthetic Hair Brushes

Here varieties differ in their components, polyester or nylon fiber and are used primarily to liquid products, such as thick base.
Different Types of Hair brushes


It is cheaper than synthetic fiber on the market and the best known. Composition is cellulose (rayon or viscose) with good points. It differs from its peers as it absorbs much less liquid and their disadvantage is that it tends to open up into small clumps. Hence durability is low.


It is the best in terms of money. It is known as the rival of sable natural hair because it is very elastic. It is efficient thanks to its polyamide and nylon filament brush strokes that create smooth, clear, uniform and thin. With good ability to retain fluids, is identified by color shading.

When purchasing brushes separately or a complete set it is necessary to know the difference of their materials that will fit to one or another type of makeup.

In this respect, most of the sets include various fibers because each can be adapted differently to the indicated zone.

This issue does not end here, in the following notes further develop all aspects of makeup brushes.


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