Digitize Audio Tapes: Save Your Mixtapes

how to Digitize Audio Tapes

A mixtape was up in the nineties as an expression of special affection. Mix tapes were popular gifts in really good mates or friends and also served to make of the beloved or without words is a great compliment. Even if you may have with the selection of songs sometimes located next to it – every recipient knew that you had spent hours and hours in front of the cassette deck to put together the mixtape.

CDs instead of tapes

Today, home-burned CDs are given away. The selection of the title can still be a challenge, but the actual compilation is done by using file browser, burning program and a few clicks in minutes. So it is no wonder that the CD-ROM has replaced the audio cassette completely. Audio cassettes are still used in car stereos. But the biggest shortcoming of the audio cassette is their susceptibility to wear and aging. The cassettes of magnetic tape wear out by playing and the magnetization of the tapes degrades with time. Thus, the compositions disappear sooner or later, in a nondescript noise if they do not make the car radio with a tangled ribbon salad earlier in the cooking. If you want to keep the songs from this fate, you should now digitize your audio cassettes.

Technical Requirements

For the digitization of the cartridge you need a PC with a sound card that has an audio input, which is usually the case. Connect the cassette deck or the system using an RCA cable that you can get in any electronics market, with the sound card. Now, you may only need a software (like jet audio, or simply windows sound recorder) that record the analog audio digital stream from the cartridge and, if converted into different formats. This is worth looking at the websites of well known journals. Such software can be downloaded for free, the free programs are perfectly adequate for normal use. Just google it, to download free sound recording software.


With these tools you can digitize your audio cassettes. It makes sense, the software is so high that it divides the continuous data stream into individual files. This is automatic, but you can repair by hand. You have overcome another disadvantage of the tape – you do not need to rewind, but individual songs can be played directly. You can also rename the files with the right song titles in the MP3 format is also creating a so-called ID3 tags possible, here you can enter information such as title, artist, album, year, and more. Many car radios and music players can view this information in the display.

Mixtape forever!

The digitized songs can be saved in various formats. Particularly well known is the compressed MP3 format, which allows you to save a large number of songs on your computer or other media. In addition, you can wear your favorite mix tapes in that format on your MP3 player or cell phone with you at all to any time to reminisce.


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